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01. Freedom

Freedom to explore, play and innovate.

Remote-first working

Studio Toffolo is a remote-first company. When not working on projects or our own products, you'll find us rockclimbing, hiking or going on solotrips. Exploring the world and working remotely keeps the Studio fresh & inspired.

You can expect replies from Studio Toffolo in the weekends or at evenings, or an out of office when the weather is just fine. This way, there can be time for play during the daytime. Deadlines should be manageable and agreed upon by both parties. Life is too short for self-induced stress, after all.

All work at Studio Toffolo is remotely accessable. We work how we want to, and respect each others preferences in that. A-sync working allows people to work where and how they want. We believe this brings more deep focus and improves the quality of work.

We aim to communicate on the highest level. Since our way of working somewhat differs from 'the standard', we listed a few things, just so there won't be any misconception. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask!

  • We work part-time. This gives us a lot of flexibility, but there are days during the week when we're not available.
  • We try to plan our meetings (a few days) ahead. Spontaneously "jumping on a call" is sometimes not possible - but often is!
  • For all work we like to plan ahead
  • Critical bugs will be fixed asap, of course. We have constant monitoring in place for this!
  • We cannot always come to physical meetings, but we like to make an appointment when we're around!

Overall, we only receive compliments about how we work and how we are approachable. Sometimes people don't even notice!

Inclusive development

Studio Toffolo aims to be as inclusive as possible, year round. When developing a product, we will not ask for gender in signup forms. When selecting pictures and photos for marketing purposes, diverse perspectives are prioritized and encouraged. When doing copywriting, we aim to write gender-neutral copy. And when making software, we keep screenreaders for blind people in mind, too.

Studio Toffolo strives to do better all the time, so feedback is always welcome.

02. Sustainability


With the ongoing challenges in climate change, Studio Toffolo wants to lead by example. That's why Studio Toffolo runs climate neutral since it’s beginning, January 2022. This means all travel emissions is extensively logged (plus a margin), and offsetted.

Studio Toffolo has also guided Eventix on their way to become the world's first climate neutral ticketprovider. And with the launch of ZERO, Studio Toffolo takes responsibility to spread it's knowledge even further.

Photo's from the Trees For All "Tree planting"-event

Together with D'Agostino Digital, Studio Toffolo founded Go ZERO in October 2022. Together, we created a product focussed on logging CO2-emissions.

Go ZERO is in constant development, and used by companies like Chasing The Hihat, More2Win, Euro Beach Volley and more!

Visit Go ZERO

Studio Toffolo uses Go ZERO to track CO2 emissions. Every quarter, Studio Toffolo tries to offset it's emissions via Trees For All. Open the link to view a detailled insight into all the emissions!

Open Studio Toffolo's Go ZERO
03. Privacy


Data minimalism

Studio Toffolo believes privacy is a human-first right. Far too often, (tech) companies can get lost in all the possibilities, but Studio Toffolo tries to work with only the minimum amount of data that's needed.

The products and services Studio Toffolo creates are based on data minimalism. This means info that isn't needed isn't gathered (including personal data), and old and obsolete data is automaticly deleted.


We use Pirsch for that

Data logs are anonymized, so we cannot retrace visits to users.


We use Brevo for that

E-mail logs are kept for 1 month (the minimum possible), after that they’re deleted.


We use BetterStack for that

Only essential actions are logged, and removed after 7 days.

Managed hosting

We use Rootnet for that

EU-based, ISO 9001, 27001 and NEN 7510 certified (ánd running on 100% renewable energy)


Feel free to reach out if you want to
collaborate with us.


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